ISCC are the establishment of an internationally oriented, practical and transparent system for the certification of biomass and bioenergy. ISCC is oriented towards

reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions, sustainable use of land, protection of natural biospheres and social sustainability

Why should companies choose the ISCC system for certification?

ISCC is an advanced and the first recognized scheme – the concept has been thoroughly developed, it has been tested in a pilot phase and it has been proofed by the BLE ISCC is experience based, efficient and effective ISCC provides more security for companies as it covers also social sustainability issues – at no or marginal additional costs ISCC requires less efforts and smaller audit teams than other existing schemes. Costs of certification are lower ISCC is a global scheme covering all kind of biomass – to be applied in the EU home market and overseas. It is a one stop shop for companies, easing national and international trade ISCC is not a closed shop – a balanced stakeholder representation and transparent processes are key features. This results in credibility in the public perception and provides long-term security for companies using the scheme ISCC has taken off: It is operational, agreements with certification bodies have been signed and more than 1,600 certificates have already been issued.

Independence, transparency and an international orientation characterise the ISCC. The ISCC Label (Seal) is to be a trusted method to differentiate between sustainable and non-sustainable biomass and bioenergy. Beyond this, it is to motivate farmers and processors towards more sustainability in their daily activities.

Important decisions on the definition and further development of the system are taken by the ISCC association (e.V.). Meo Carbon Solutions GmbH is operator of the ISCC System.

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