Registration & Certification for Personnel, Product & Company/Organization

REI Sistem Indonesia has experiences & qualified for certification or registration for product, personnel & organization/company such as:
1. PCQI, FSPCA, HARPC, FDA Recognized (Certificated from USA)
2. FSSC Lead Auditor, Approved FSSC Foundation TO Belanda
3. FSSC Internal Auditor, Implementation, Understanding Approved FSSC Foundation TO Belanda
4. Ahli SMK3 Kemnaker RI
5. Internal Auditor SMK3 Kemnaker RI
6. IRCA CQI ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
7. Lead Auditor PECB ISO 37001 Anty Bribery Mgt System
8. Akreditasi KAN ISO 17025
9. Akreditasi 17021 Badan Sertifikasi
10. BPOM, PIRT, HALAL Registration
11. YUM Audit QSA & FSA
12. Certification & Registration approved by BNSP, Kemnaker RI, Kementan, Kemenkes, GACC/China, EU, etc
13. Registrasi for Rumah Walet. IKH, Karantina, GACC China
14. Registrasi for Medicine, Vitamin, Premix for Animal/Fish/Feed/Ingredients/Probiotic
15. Registrasi for Mask, Gown/APD US FDA, Kemenkes, Equipment/Tools for Health
16. Registrasi Produk Organic
17. Registrasi/Certified Forestry Product: SVLK, FSC, PEFC, UTZ/RA, GGL, Sustainability/Green
18. Registrasi/Certified for Agriculture & Aquaculture Products: MSC, ASC, FOS, BAP, GlobalGAP, etc

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