Allergen Management System

Food allergens are typically naturally-occurring proteins in foods or derivatives of them that cause abnormal immune responses. Prevalence of food allergies around the world is believed to be increasing, with more than 8% of children and 2% of adults in countries like Australia and New Zealand having allergy to one or more foods. Fortunately, many children outgrow their allergies by the time they have reached 5-7 years of age. This is more likely for some allergies such as milk and egg than for others such as peanut and tree nut. What are people most allergic to? There is a group that causes about 90% of all allergic reactions, with hundreds of substances responsible for causing the other 10%. Practically all foods have the capacity to cause an allergic reaction in a person who has become sensitised to that substance. The key food allergens are: peanuts; tree nuts; soy; milk, egg; cereals; seafood; fish; and sesame. Each organization need to provide a good system for Allergen

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