Food Defense, Food Fraud & Food Safety Culture

Food Defense:

Food Defense provides food facilities with the tools, products, and services that facilitate compliance with the FDA’s statement that an effective food defense program that prevents intentional food contamination is as important to overall food safety as a fully functioning program that protects against unintentional contamination. Food Defense Training Base on PAS 96 and ISO/TS 22002-1

Food Fraud:

Food Fraud is a fraudulent and intentional substitution, dilution or addition to a product or raw material, or misrepresentation of the product or material, for the purpose of financial gain, by increasing the apparent value of the product or reducing the cost of its production

Food Safety Culture:

A food safety culture is the values of an organization with regard to food safety. An organization with a strong food safety culture demonstrates to its employees and customers that making safe food is an important commitment.

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